Global Order & Fulfilment.

Order fulfilment allows Agents, Suppliers and Freight Forwarders to add data to a Purchase order entered manually, or electronically, by the procurement department onto an "Online Spreadsheet" produced with ASP.NET and SQL 2008 utilising the latest web technologies.

Designed originally for Freight forwarders, our unique online Order and Fulfilment system is proving popular with many industries, global manufacturers and retail organisations. The transparency online of purchase order status, including the suppliers compliance to the ex works and delivery dates required, saves last minute panics on shipments. This transparency to all reduces the need for urgent Expensive transportation and helps to reduce regular shipping costs, by giving the local agent, supplier or your own in house purchasing department, a great deal of information, helping to consolidate cargo and reduce the frequency of late supply and the associated additional costs.

This web application is bespoke to you and your specific needs and can be licensed to you in its most complex or simple form. More...

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